1101 Southern Kitchen has been a dream of mine since high school. My cooking journey began with selling desserts during school holidays then advancing to selling full plates at my moms jobs. After high school, I attended the University of Houston receiving a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. Years later I finally followed my heart and quit my management job to completed culinary arts school. Throughout my hospitality career, I have worked all positions from server to sous chef to general manager soaking up all the hands on experience I could to prepare for one day owning my own hospitality business. 

In 2020, the world was shocked with the presence of Covid 19, however I was not going to let this pandemic stop my growth. During this time, 1101 went from being a part time event & corporate catering company to a full service restaurant. Our down home, scratch, family inspired menu was well excepted by the Cypress community and I am forever grateful for each guest that walked through the doors. Unfortunately, a few issues out of our control caused the restaurant to close. Determined not to be knocked down, I moved into action and revamped the delivery of my  delicious food.  This revamp is important to keep the 1101 Southern Kitchen name alive until we are back to a full service restaurant which is the goal for this year. 

1101 Southern Kitchen is all about honoring my family. The name 1101 represents my dad's birthday (November 1). When we were younger, he passed away in a car accident. It is important to me to keep his memory alive in everything I do. My dad isn't the one person I honor through 1101 Southern Kitchen, menu offerings are named after some of the most important people in my life. For instance, the Lola K Chop is named after my shero & big sister Lola Glenn. My mother is my entire admin team all in one, my biggest supporter, and cheerleader. 1101 is a way for me to tell her everyday how great of a job she did at being a mom. I love that I have the opportunity to show the world how important my family is to me. Although the restaurant is closed...for now...I am going to continue to provide great food. I am currently still teaching high school culinary arts, and through 1101 Southern Kitchen, I now offer private chef service, cooking class, catering, and pop up restaurant. Check out our events to see what's coming up next.